How to Order

1. Now you can order online from our Online Distributors

2. Order as Reseller

You need to register as our reseller and have your account before ordering. Click here to register as our reseller. If you already have your account, please log in with your username and password. 
  • Step 1

    When you find an item you want to order, simply adjust the item quantity (the default quantity is 1) and click the "Add to Cart" button.
  • Step 2

    When you click Add to Cart, you will direct to the Shopping Cart view, which will now show that item, along with any other items you may previously have added. You can change the quantity by changing the number in the "Units" box and clicking the "Update" button.

    You can also delete an item by select the box under "Remove" on the left of that item and clicking the "Update" button. To add more products, just click "Continue Shopping". When you have added all of the items you want to order, continue with "Check Out" button. 
  • Step 3

    You will link to Registration Check page after that. On this page, you need to fill in your personal information. When you are finish fill in, follow on with the "Next" button.
  • Step 4

    Now, you will direct to Select billing and shipping address page. Again, please complete all the information. Proceed with the "Next" button after complete the information.
  • Step 5

    This will take you to Order Preview page; please verify your billing address and your order. You can also write your special request in the order note box (subject to term and condition, ie: pick up at KL depot). 

    In case you would like to make changes, click the “Back” button. Submit your order by clicking "Order Now" button. You can check your mail for purchase order confirmation.