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New Products Launched


Harp Heng Sdn Bhd is proud to announce the official launched of Qware Centerpiece and 2-way Stackable Storage Container on 18 April 2013. These appliance are another innovative products from Qware. 
Qware Centerpiece helps you to keep meals heated at the right temperature. The lid, pan and even the housing (base) are made from durable and high quality stainless steel. It is complete with 1 round and 5 side porcelain inserts. A very durable and hygienic product which is suitable for day-to-day use in any events like buffet service and catering. For more information, visit
The 2-way stackable storage container is the new generation innovative product for space planning and utilization. This container can stack-in with same direction and stack-up with different direction for increased storage flexibility. For more information, visit