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813-2CT 1/3X65MM S/S GN PAN

Size :


813-2CT 1/3X65MM S/S GN PAN 

Dimension :  L 32.5 cm x W 17.6 cm x H 6.5 cm
Qware® Stainless Steel Gastronorm Pans are ideal for versatile food storage system and transportation for any restaurants, cafes, hospitals and more. The lids are available for increased temperature control or without to suit your budget and space requirements.
  Stackable Reinforced Edges     Reinforced Corner Design
All inserts are stackable and designed with rounded reinforced edges to prevent the corners from bending. A reinforced corner design gives strength and allows space between Gastronorm pans for easy removal.
  Anti-jam Stacking Lugs        
Each stainless steel Gastronorm pan features anti-jam stacking lugs to prevent the pans from sticking together when taking it out of storage. This feature allows you to save space by stacking pans without worrying about a hassle the next time you want to use them.