Product Detail

Dimension :  L 61 cm x W 42 cm x H 93 cm
Capacity :  35 litres

Qware® AF-070 Washing Trolley is a bucket with wringer that allows wring out a wet mop without dirty your hand. Wheels are present to allow for moving the trolley around with effortless of carrying a heavily bucket. The washing trolley with bright yellow colour bucket with safety caution sign visibility from far away and added safety. This Qware® AF-070 Washing Trolley ideal for restaurant, office but also great to use at home. Safety being priority, keeping excess water off and avoid slippery floor during mopping to create a safer environment for your family, employees or guests.  

Comfortable Handle
Premium tubular steel with rubber tipped wringer handle.

Swivel Caster
Rolling wheel with water-resistant cover.

Sided Press Wringer
Removable wringer, made of metal spring to provide more durable construction for longer lifespan.