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WorldChef BattleField Competition 2019 (WCB)


As a kick start of journey in another wonderful year, Qware is proud to participate as the sponsor for kitchenware and cookware in the upcoming Reality Competition Show on TV: WorldChef Battlefied – Battle of the Masters (WCB 2019) which is supported by Professional Culinaire Association and endorsed by World Association of Chefs Societies.

This competition marks another huge leap taken by our beloved country in culinary field as it will be hosting the inaugural international culinary championship. What best explains why this culinary championship is recognized as distinct from others is that it is the first of its kind not just in Malaysia but the whole of Asia region!
Source: WorldChef BattleField 2019 Website

The 4-day competition will be held from 4th April to 7th April, taking place at the Movenpick Hotel & Convention Centre Sepang, Selangor.

The judging panel will be headed by Otto Weibel from Switzerland, who is accredited by the World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS). Besides, the other members of the jury are also having a strong professional culinary profile, coming from different countries such as Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and Malaysia.
Source: WorldChef BattleField 2019 Website

By that time, undoubtedly, the sixteen participant teams consisting of world-class professional chefs from Asia and the African nation of Mauritius shall be having a cutthroat competition to fight for the title of “Champion of the Masters” along with its cash prize of US$12,000 (approximately RM49, 570).

WCB 2019 is mainly organized by locally well-known Masterchef Malaysia judge, Chef Zubir Zain along with DRS PROEVENT and CZ Restaurant Group and great support from Tourism Selangor. He describes, “This championship brings a new perspective to the Masterchef culinary reality TV show which relies on amateur chefs as participants and Iron Chef where experienced guest chefs challenge the show’s resident ‘iron chef’ in a timed cooking battle built around a specific themed ingredient”. “In WCB 2019, culinary competitions are taken into an arena that reflects real life situations through a series of culinary battles among professional chefs from all around the world,” he added. (Source:
Source: WorldChef BattleField 2019 Website

We are pleased that Qware is recognized by professional chefs as their preferred kitchenware and cookware brand and to be given the opportunity to expose Malaysian brand’s products to overseas professional chefs.


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