Product Detail
12144-10RD 4" S/S PARING KNIFE (RED)

Colour :

12144-10RD 4" S/S PARING KNIFE (RED)

Blade Length :   4"

Qware® Stainless Steel Paring Knife is incredibly well made for every chef’s precision cutting tasks in the kitchen. With this lightweight and small sized knife on hand, you will get impressed with how excel it works in dealing with the deveining, slicing, and garnishing tasks! Let’s impress your guests by turning your fresh fruits and vegetables cuts into nutritious dishes that are aesthetically pleasing with our paring knife!

Durable Material
Crafted from 5Cr15MoV, a premium stainless steel material that prolong sharpness and edge retention.

High Versatility
Designed to be multipurpose tool, our lightweight paring knife makes precision tasks such as deveining the prawns, peeling thick skin or garnishing a breeze!

Ergonomic Handle
The ergonomically shaped polypropylene handle features non-slip texture which provides comfortable grip.

Care & Use
  • Wash, rinse and dry the knife before using it for the first time.
  • Avoid cutting on hard surface such as stone, glass or metal.
  • Hand-wash with the soft side of sponge & mild detergent; rinse & dry immediately after washed.
  • Avoid from using liquid or powder detergent containing bleach or highly acidic substance.
  • Use knife sharpener or sharpening stone to sharpen the knife.
  • Store the knife in a safe place such as knife block or on a magnetic strip on the wall to protect its edge & prevent injury.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Wash & dry carefully, keeping sharp edge away from your hands.
  • Don’t attempt to catch a knife when it is falling – better it hits the floor than cut your hand.